Altinay Savunma Elektro Optik Sistemler

At Altınay Defense Technologies, we conduct original and innovative work in the field of Electro-Optical Monitoring Systems.

Our product range in the field of Electro-Optical Monitoring Systems includes various sizes and functionalities, incorporating Day Cameras, IR Thermal Cameras, and Laser Range Finders.

Our monitoring systems feature advanced capabilities such as 2-axis and 3-axis stabilization and 30X optical zoom. This provides maximum flexibility and effectiveness for different missions. Our Electro-Optical Monitoring Systems are designed to be compatible with mini, medium, and heavy-class unmanned aerial vehicles.

Our monitoring systems offer various configuration options to meet different mission requirements. They can be customized and equipped with different optical devices based on our customers' needs. Altınay Defense continuously conducts R&D activities to provide the best products through its stabilizing platform development capabilities.

Our Electro-Optical Monitoring Systems deliver high performance and reliability. Manufactured using the latest technology, our systems provide excellent image quality even in complex and challenging environments. Their robust construction and reliable operation ensure trust and success in all types of operations.

Altınay Defense Technologies aims to maintain a leading position in the field of Electro-Optical Monitoring Systems. We strive to meet the changing needs of the defense sector by offering innovative solutions to our customers.

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