6 DOF Motion Platform

As Altınay Defense Technologies, we offer the "Stewart Platform" (6 DOF Motion Platform for Robotics and Motion Control Systems) with our original and innovative work. The Altınay 6 DOF Stewart Platform is a specially designed system that can be used for various purposes as a simulator and motion platform.

Flexible and Customizable Architecture: The Stewart Platform has an open architecture that can be customized to meet different needs. It is designed to adapt to various applications and projects, providing a wide range of uses. It can be adapted to customer requirements and offers extensive versatility.

Seamless Motion Experience: With an improved motion cueing algorithm, the Altınay Stewart Platform provides a seamless motion sensation. It offers users a realistic and immersive experience for simulation and training purposes. It operates with high precision and accuracy, allowing users to respond to movements with precision.

High Performance and Reliability: The Stewart Platform meets high performance and reliability standards. With its robust structure and powerful motion control system, it maintains durability even during long-term and intensive use. It provides users with a safe and effective experience.

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