Original, Innovative and Advanced Technology

Altınay Defense conducts original and innovative work in the field of Stabilized Pedestals. Stabilized Pedestals are designed to ensure the safe and stable transportation and use of sensitive devices. Altınay Defense has undertaken numerous projects to meet the stabilization system requirements for land, sea, and air platforms.

Thanks to its innovative approach and engineering capabilities, Altınay Defense has become a leading company in the industry. Leveraging its gained experiences, it provides motion control system solutions in various sectors, including defense industry and automotive, addressing the needs of the industry as a whole.

Altinay Pedestal Sistemleri

Key Features
Multi-Axis Stabilization
Low-Precision Position Tracking
Compliance with Military Standards
Customizable to Requirements
Technical Features
Mission Communication, Defense, Assault, Testing
Motion Stabilization up to 3 axes
Angular Velocity Up to 180 degrees per second
Axis Freedom Continuous 360 degrees
Positioning Accuracy Up to 0.5 degrees
Acceleration Up to 180 degrees per second squared
Payload Up to 1 ton
Operating Temperature Range -40°C / +55°C
Storage Temperature Range -55°C / +70°C
Compatible Standards MIL-STD-810G / MIL-STD-461F
Platforms Land, Sea, and Air Platforms

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