Bomb Disposal Robot Arm

5 Axes Robot Arm

Altınay Defense conducts original and innovative work in the field of Bomb Disposal Robot Arm. The Bomb Disposal Robot Arm is a highly maneuverable product designed to neutralize improvised explosive devices from a safe distance under challenging conditions. The Altınay Bomb Disposal Robot Arm operates in 5 axes and is actively used in the ERTUĞRUL Bomb Disposal Robot.

Robust and Flexible Design: The Bomb Disposal Robot Arm adapts to tough conditions with its strong and durable structure, ensuring operational efficiency in complex and confined spaces.

High Maneuverability: The 5-axis movement capability of the Robot Arm allows for precise and controlled neutralization of explosive devices, providing operators with a safe working environment.

Integration with ERTUĞRUL Bomb Disposal Robot: The Altınay Bomb Disposal Robot Arm is designed to be compatible with the ERTUĞRUL Bomb Disposal Robot developed by ASELSAN. This integration enhances operational efficiency and provides an effective solution for explosive disposal.

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