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Altınay Defense Technologies Takes Another Global Step with G7 Aerospace


Altinay Savunma G7

A "Teaming Agreement" was signed between G7 Aerospace and Altınay Defense Technologies Inc., based in Malaysia.

On behalf of Altınay Defense, General Manager Burak Mercan signed the agreement, and on behalf of G7 Aerospace, company executive Datuk Rosdi Mahmud put his signature.

As part of the agreement, Altınay Defense and G7 Aerospace will collaborate to provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions, Integrated Logistics Maintenance Services (ILMS), and UAV Systems Training services to the Malaysian Defense and Security Organizations.

Altınay Defense Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Altınay Technology Group, was established in 2014 under the name "Altınay Aviation and Advanced Technologies."

Since 2021, the company continues its activities under the name "Altınay Defense Technologies."

"Altınay Defense Technologies" implements highly significant solutions with the engineering expertise of Altınay Technology Group, which spans almost 30 years.

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